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A specialist in high-end custom pools, water shapes, spas and water features, Allen Cooper, owner of Pintado Pools, Inc., has been a swimming pool contractor in the tri-counties for more than 4 decades. With over 1,200 pools and 4,400 solar systems installed in the tri-counties, experience and customer service have made Allen Cooper one of the most sought-after pool contractors in the area.

Located in the Santa Ynez Valley for the last 6 years, Pintado Pools, Inc. represents Allen’s professional passion – pool design and building. Licensed as a pool, concrete, and plumbing contractor, and an associate of Genesis 3 (a select group of water-shape designers), Allen Cooper draws from a broad base of information and expertise that make his projects not only remarkable but a true source of pleasure for the whole family.

Enthusiastic about his work, Allen enjoys challenging jobs and out-of-the-ordinary pool design. His innovative designs, extensive experience and insistence upon quality with every project have left a wash of happy customers in his wake.

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CA contractor license # c,-53 License # 422738